More gun regulation

Another nut-case(John Houser) has taken away two lives in yet another movie theater for numerous suspected reasons.

Some states that he dwelled on anti-government ideas. While others said he had nutty Klansman lone-wolf ideas that sparked his action.

This would make sense if the fatal actual victims were black but they weren’t, this raises the dilemma of more gun control to prevent audacious half-wits from shooting up places of entertainment, solitude, comfort etc.

After the Dylan Roof shooting Obama already noted that the event happened because someone who wanted to inflict harm had no problem getting a gun. It’s safe to assume he would want to move further on gun regulation.

This would appear to be the appropriate action now that we clearly have reached the point of embarrassment for the U.S. We are a world power and global leader but unfortunately we can’t stop or control our citizens from killing each other, how patriotic! In this video Obama expresses his frustration.

Citizens and gun right advocacy groups of this country have already expressed their opposition toward taking away our power to protect themselves by arms.

There must be other options we could go toward rather than restricting the right to bear arms including

1. Stiffer laws and sentences on gun crimes.
2. More metal detectors in public places.
3. Better self evaluations before you purchase a gun or knife.

Not more gun regulation that violates our 2nd amendment. Yet,  something needs to be done.

Are you against or pro gun regulation?