Cointel Pro

What is Cointel Pro

seal-42280_1280Cointel Pro is a catastrophic success. catastrophic for the black community and a success for the government.

Cointel Pro is short for Counterintelligence Program. It was enacted in 1956 to gather information on the NAACP, black activist and to disrupt the Black Panther Party as well as other black revolutionary groups fighting against racial injustice.

They inquire that they also gathered information on the KKK and attempted to disrupt them. Of course there’s no direct evidence of the disruption of white supremacy groups because most white extremist around this time membership numbers increased (not surprising)

They even have numerous files on Dr. Martin Luther King, Who was in no way, shape or form an extremist see Martin Luther Kings File ! Seems like the government’s motives were clear!

Cointel Pro supposedly ended in 1971, supposedly. Now why is this relevant today?

Cointel Pro definitely exist although it isn’t called Cointel Pro, it’s in the form of New Legislation to preclude African-American advancement known as The New Jim Crow.

Cointel Pro is the New Jim Crow

Instead of trying to deter African-American improvement and group association that violates the 4th amendment, the government established what we know as the new Jim Crow.

These are a series of audacious laws that are against anyone who has a felony charge which 1 out of 3 black men now have. Charged Felons are denied jobs, educational opportunities, loans and ownership of property.

It’s obvious now that Black men are being targeted by law enforcement all over the nation and given felony charges for just about anything, ultimately to prevent blacks from improving. Read Michelle Alexander’s book

Both of these programs ultimately reduces the chances for African Americans to have success in this country.

War on drugs

The united States have declared a war on drugs. They use this as a means to justify ridiculous charges on black men and women.
The NAACP websites states

5 times as many Whites are using drugs as African-Americans, yet African-Americans are sent to prison for drug offenses at 10 times the rate of Whites. How ironic?

justice fact sheet

It’s evident that blacks are being targeted so it’s no surprise if the police killings toward men of color aren’t part of The new Jim Crow or Cointel Pro programs.

There is no direct proof that Cointel Pro is the cause of the killings and mass incarceration of black men but one thing is for sure.

Blacks are being killed every single day at an alarming rate by badge wearing patriots! It’s clear the government is capable of such things as Cointel Pro and we demand justice for these actions.

Please be informed!

Here’s a video that will help break down Cointel Pro

For information to the FBI files for Cointel Pro see Co Pro

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